'Indians' in Edinburgh before 1947

Indian servants, students and workers in Edinburgh, pre-1947

People from the Indian sub-continent started coming to Edinburgh in the 18th century.

Evidence on those enslaved Indians who escaped from their masters can be found here

Some of those who came as students are described here

Other individuals include:

Fanindranath Bose (1888-1926) was a sculptor who enrolled at the Board of Manufacturers School of Edinburgh, married a Scottish woman Mary (or Molly) Ferguson, settled in Edinburgh, and worked in Dean Studios Belford Road Edinburgh, 1918 - 1926. He was living at 53 Frederick Street at the time of his death by drowning in Innerleithen. Some of his work is listed here.

A very early 'Indian' was an elephant that lived in a tenement near Fishmarket Close in 1705. For more details read this

Published sources for more information include:

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