South Asians in Edinburgh since 1947

Post-Independence migrants to Edinburgh

Edinburgh has not received as many people from South Asia as has Glasgow and other British cities, but some have been notable, and all have contributed to how Edinburgh is today.

Religious centres:

A map showing Edinbugh's mosques can be found here.

Edinburgh's Sikh gurdwara is in Leith: more information is available here and here

Edinburgh has a Hindu Mandir  and Cultural Centre

Indian Christians in Edinburgh include those who are members of the St Anthony's Christian Community in Edinburgh

A list of Buddhists groups active in Edinburgh can be found here


Further Reading:

Books that discuss South Asian patterns of arrival and settlement in Scotland usually include something on those who came to Edinburgh. See in particular

A Passage to Scotland: South Asian Diaspora in Edinburghthirty migration stories from people of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani origin living in Edinburgh. Published by Nari Kallyan Shangho, Edinburgh, May 2015

BONINO, Stefano (2017): Muslims in Scotland: The making of community in a post-9/11 world, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

HOPKINS, Peter, (ed.) (2017): Scotland's Muslims: Society, politics and identity, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.